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Wombaroo Sheep Milk Replacer is a highly digestible, easily prepared milk substitute formulated to closely resemble the nutrient composition of ewe's milk. 

HAND-REARING: Success in hand-rearing lambs greatly improves if they receive colostrum at birth. Use Impact Colostrum Replacer for lambs that did not get colostrum from the ewe.

Individual lambs can be bottle-fed. Warm Wombaroo to about 30 C. Feed from a bottle with teat every 6 hours for the first five days, reducing this to 8 hourly feeds thereafter. Lambs can be encouraged to let milk from the bucket.

Several lambs can be reared, in groups of not more than 15, by self-feeding Wombaroo from a modified bucket.  Rubber teats, one for every three lambs, are fixed into the base of the bucket so that the milk gravity feeds into the teats. The bucket is fastened to a rigid stand ensuring that the teats are about 40 centimetres above the floor. A two pen system consisting of a training and an  independent pen is suitable for rearing lands. Introduce lambs to self-feeding by bottle feeding for the first day in the training pen.  Lambs are moved to the independent pen when they are fully adapted to the teat. Wombaroo should then be offered cold (5 C.) when self-feeding. Feeding milk cold reduces overfeeding by lambs and spoilage of milk. Self-feeding lambs should drink from 0.8 to 1.5 litres of milk per day.

Lambs should be kept in a clean, draught free environment. Avoid dehydration during periods of hot weather by giving a drink of pre-boiled water between feeds. Animals drink water when thirsty so always have clean drinking water available.

GROWTH: Lambs should weigh from four to six kg at birth and grow at the rate of 250 to 400g per day. Weigh lambs regularly to verify weight gains.

WEANING: Ewe reared lambs are weaned at three to six months of age. Hand reared lambs can be weaned as early as 15 to 20 days as long as body weight is a minimum of 9kg. To entice lambs to eat solids offer pelleted food soaked in Wombaroo.

Self-feeding lambs should be offered a creep feed of minimum 20 percent protein once they start on Wombaroo. Do not feed hay, oats or lucerne to start lambs on dry food. Lambs should be weaned abruptly from Wombaroo at 4 to 5 weeks rather than offering a diluted milk in the last week.

Consult your veterinarian for more advice.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Wombaroo is a powder and is available in pack sizes of 1kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg.  If unopened the powder remained stable for up to 18 months if stored below 30C. and protected from moisture.

To make one litre of milk add 190g of powder to 400ml of warm pre-boiled water and mix into a paste. Then make up to one litre with warm pre-boiled water and mix thoroughly. Milk can be mixed using an electric whisk. Prepared milk can be stored for 24 hours if refrigerated, or up to two weeks if frozen. Milk that has been thawed should be well mixed before use and not refrozen.

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