Healthy Bird

Healthy Bird, PO Box 225, Willaston.  S.A.  5118
Ph. 04 1984 9192        ABN 54 112 618 417


Healthy Bird is a small business located near Adelaide, South Australia, which acts as a distributor for the wide range of Milk Replacers and Bird & Animal Foods manufactured by Wombaroo Food Products and Passwell Pty Ltd.

This site is designed to provide our customers with information on the entire range of products and accessories currently available from us.

We sell all the products listed below - however, we are not a shop - we ONLY supply by mail order or courier delivery.


If you require current prices, freight rates, or have any questions, you will need to contact us directly - please use the email button, phone or postal information at the top of any page of this web site.

As we cater for all types of customers, please advise whether you are requesting price information as a
     - Retail
     - Bird or Animal Club or
     - Private
and let us know where you are so we can quote freight rates when possible.

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Eutherian & Marsupial
Milk Replacers
Bird Foods
& Accessories
Alpaca Milk   Kangaroo Milk
Bat Milk   Koala Milk
Cat Milk   Possum Milk
Dog Milk    
Flying Fox Milk   Wombat Milk
Horse Milk   Echidna Milk
Pig Milk    
Sheep Milk   Formula One Milk
Other Milk Replacers   Impact Colostrum
Budgie Starter   Egg & Biscuit
Finch Soft Food   Complete Lorikeet
Parrot Soft Food   Lori & Honeyeater Food
Hand Rearing Food   Parrot Pellets
Granivore Rearing Mix   Crumbles
Insectivore Rearing Mix   Fruit & Nut
Liquid Gold   The Good Oil for Birds
Multi-Vite Vitamins   First Aid for Birds
Multi-Clens   Avian Delights
Multi-Clens 5   Factor Red
Rearing Accessories
Calcium Supplements
for Caged Birds
Feeding Teats   Feeding Bottles
Cosy Heat Pads   Rearing Information
No longer available.
Other Animal
Food Supplements
Other Related
Information Sheets
High Protein Supplement   Reptile Supplement
Small Carnivore Food   The Good Oil for Animals
    Insect Booster
Colour in Birds   Lactose & Cataracts


Payments can be made by post (cheque or money order) or
Direct Deposit (please email for details)
International Customers (i.e. outside Australia) please note,
due to Customs and Quarantine Regulations in most countries,
we can no longer export any of these products outside of Australia.
We can be contacted by Email at